Life Update

August 12, 2014 


Things are starting to ‘click’ in my head with each day that starts. My brother has been back for a bout 2-months now which has been rather pleasant. I’ve learned about his low-cost style of living and most importantly how to enjoy the beautiful things in life. 

School is still a struggle unfortunately. It’s not the studying and exams any longer (thank God!). I’ve used a stress relieving remedy a good pal of mine Shelly informed me about known as belly breathing. Surprisingly it really worked! I don’t know how to thank that beautiful gal, but other than including it in my short script. THANKS!! 

This school year I will be attending a JuCo once again. The university denied my application after letting one of my legs in the door. The old track record I carry from my previous institution is really holding me back. Annoying much? VERY SO! 

Although there are complications with my transfer process, and have gone through this for the past 2 years I will not give up on my goals and dreams. I am determined to become a great American Attorney! 

Life: My Current Update. 

Well I’ve been spending most of my time at home with my family. Things were a bit out of the ‘norm’ if i should say in 2013. I spent some time trying to recover and force myself into sobriety because things were just going downhill for me. Ashamed will not be in my vocabulary as I use that year as a life lesson. 

Since I’ve fully recovered I feel amazing and super confident. These traits and feelings have long been missing in my life. Staying active is what’s on my mind constantly. It’s the only thing that keeps me from hitting rock bottom and going into my sporadic depression. Some of you may not know, but I am currently playing for a Semi-Pro Football Team known as the High Desert 49ers. They’re some cool cats, but I don’t think I will play again. I’d like to preserve my body. 

As of now I am still currently single, still working as a paralegal for the same office, and about to turn 23. I would say that nothing too bad is wrong with that picture besides the fact that I’m still living with my parents. This will be the last year I live with my parents though. It’s not that I hate living with them, but I’m too comfortable at the moment. Never get too comfortable people! 

My love life is dormant at the moment which is perfectly fine with me. I was once focused on finding true love and blah blah but now that I just let things flow I’ve come across plenty of great ambitious women. Do I follow up you may ask? well the the answer is No. Don’t get me wrong I was attracted to them but I have a job to finish. My schedule is impacted so it would be a bit selfish for me to move forward with someone and not be attentive to their presence. 

Things are looking up for me so I’m excited. After getting away from all the unnecessary things in my life and focusing on the goal everything seems so easy. Stay positive people. 

Simple Mind, Simple Life.